OptiMizer Featured in Documentary About Female Entrepreneurs

by | Sep 23, 2021

I recently graduated from the Rhyze Ventures program at Innovation Guelph. Alongside Sheri and Divya, we describe our businesses on episode one on decision making.


There were 60 women in the Rhyze Ventures program, which is one of the amazing services offered by our local incubator, Innovation Guelph. It’s a great program and helped my business so much.


Episode two will be coming out later this year! Stay tuned!

Sue Wilson

Growing up with a love for horses, Sue established a cooperative stable for trail riding enthusiasts in 2010 located just outside of Guelph, Ontario. To manage her "easy keeper" horses, she used both an earlier version of the OptiMizer—a galvanized steel container with a heavy metal grill floating on top of the hay—as well as slow feeding hay nets. Secretly, she wished that her OptiMizers, which were so fast and easy to use, could be as slow feeding as the nets. In 2018, she shared that wish with Matthew Bulmer, a hay farmer and the inventor of the OptiMizer. Gradually three prototypes were built, improving each time to make the OptiMizer better, easier, and safer. A patent application was filed and the new OptiMizer was born.