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What Our Users Say

So nice, we bought it twice! The Optimizer slow feeder.  With the money that we saved on our first purchase, we purchased a second feeder a year later, we monitored the wasted hay from ground feeding, hay huts and the Optimizer. Hands down the Optimizer saved us money compared to the other two hay feed methods.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable hay feeding solution, that will save you money, the Optimizer is the one for you.

- Tracy G, Serenity Stables

The health of my horse has improved, which has made me so happy laughing!!!

- Kaitlyn M

My horse is a 17 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred who lives outside all year. She's a hard keeper, but by getting her the right amount of hay, whenever she wanted it, it was the first winter she didn't need an extra blanket.

- Laura T

Absolute game changer for my very messy Clydesdale. Zero waste, quick filling, and best of all slow feeding all night long.

- Taylor S

I've always had slow feed bags. I needed five or six a day to feed three horses. Last winter with the OptiMizer I could slow feed two bales in one place. This saved me a ton of time not hvaing to refill bags everday, plus I noticed it was way cleaner in the spring.

- Amanda M