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The Hay OptiMizer

Slow Feeding. quick filling.

The OptiMizer combines the best of slow feed netting with the convenience of a multi-bale feeder.


  • Holds two small square bales or up to 150 pounds of hay from large square or round bales.
  • The manger is made from the same polymer used to make playground equipment, and the netting is made from knotless nylon. The patent pending assembly mechanism for the net is made from clean and smooth stainless steel to provide a rust-free cleaning environment.
  • All corners are rounded or beveled.
  • Drainage holes help prevent hay spoilage due to prolonged soaking.


For your horses…

  • Hay is always available.
  • Eating is slow and relaxed.
  • Their heads are down in a natural position.
  • A safe herd environment is created.

And for you…

  • Easy and fast to refill (done in under a minute).
  • Hay consumption is regulated.
  • Hay isn’t soiled or wasted.
  • Peace of mindhay is always available.



  • Length and Width: 4′ by 4′
  • Height: 34″ (the legs are easily removed and height can be adjusted anywhere from 22″ to 37″)
  • Weight: Approximately 100 pounds when empty
  • Net Size: Large enough to drape into the manger as all the hay is consumed. Net openings are 2″ as measured on the square. Replacement netting is available in both 2″ and 1.5″.

How to Buy

The OptiMizer is currently available in store and online at System Equine. Soon, you will be able to purchase it online here as well.  


$995 (CAD plus taxes + fees where applicable)

*Please note that prices set and charged by our distribution partners may vary.

The OptiMizer holds two small square bales of hay, up to 42″ long and 16″ square each. It can also be loaded with flakes from large square or round bales (up to 150 pounds of hay).

The manger is made from LLDPE, the same polymer used to make playground equipment. All the corners are rounded or beveled, creating smooth and safe edges. There are 12 holes on the bottom to ensure water drains out on uneven terrain.

Slow feed netting is made from knotless nylon, proven to be durable yet gentle for feeding horses. It is mounted on an assembly made from stainless steel. The netting is made in Canada and supplied exclusively by Slow Feed Netting, the trusted and proven source of quality hay net products for horses. Netting is available in 2″ (standard) and 1.5″ sizes.

A slide arm at the top of the OptiMizer locks the netting into place over the hay. The net conforms to the shape of the hay, and horses slowly pull and eat hay through the mesh. Up to 4 horses can comfortably eat at the same time from an OptiMizer. 

The OptiMizer measures 4′ by 4′ square. The legs can easily be removed to change the height from 22″ (no legs) to 37″ (with a height extension kit). When empty, the OptiMizer weighs about 100 pounds and has hand holds on two sides so it can be easily moved around the paddock or loaded into a vehicle.

It takes less than a minute to fill the OptiMizer. Simply un-clip the slide arm and slide open the top. Add two bales of hay, cut and remove the twine, slide the net back over the hay, and re-clip the slide arm. You’re done—slow feed two bales of hay in under a minute!


The manger is made of  durable and lightweight Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). This is the same material that playground equipment and drinking water tanks are made from. All corners are rounded with 1″ diameters, making a smooth and safe surface if rubbed against.


The slide arm provides for smooth, one handed operation to open and close the feeder.

Slow feed netting hangs freely inside the feeder and conforms with the hay right to the bottom of the feeder.


The tiniest bits are the tastiest. As your horse feeds through any net, some of the delicate leaves can be stripped off of the grasses or alfalfa. These are often the yummiest parts for your horse. With an OptiMizer, these pieces are not lost to the ground but remain within the feeder for your horses to clean up as they feed. Even the smallest leaves are tidied up, leaving an empty plate ready for the next load of hay.

Ready to buy?

Questions about the OptiMizer? Send us a message and we’ll be in touch soon!

My horse is a 17 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred. She lived outside all last winter in a small herd with 7 other horses. We use OptiMizers at our barn and the horses always have access to hay.  My mare is a hard keeper, but by getting the right amount of hay, whenever she wanted it, it was the first winter that she did not need a blanket or extra grain.

- Laura T.

We have 8 horses, so we used 3 OptiMizers last winter. We filled them one time a day or so, even on the worst days, and used a lot less hay this year. I am confident that the OptiMizers will pay for themselves in the amount of money we save in otherwise ruined hay.

- Heather M.

I have been using slow feed hay bags for years. I needed at least 5 or 6 bags a day in the winter to feed 3 horses. Last winter, I used the OptiMizer. I could slow feed 2 bales of hay in the OptiMizer and saved so much time not having to refill bags every day. Plus, I noticed it was a lot cleaner in the spring. The OptiMizer is really a "hay miser" when it comes to not wasting hay.

- Amanda M.

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