Slow Feed Hay Feeder


USD $895.00

The OptiMizer combines the best of slow feed netting with the convenience of a multi-bale feeder.

It holds two small square bales or up to 150 pounds of hay from large square or round bales. Best of all, it takes less than 60 seconds to fill. Simply un-clip the slide arm, open the top, add your hay, cut and remove the twine, slide the net back over, and re-clip the slide arm. That’s it! You’ve slow fed two bales of hay in under a minute.


Get maximum durability. The manger is made from LLDPE, the same polymer used to make playground equipment, and has a stainless steel assembly mounted inside.

Reduce the risk of injuries with corners that have been rounded or bevelled to create smooth, safe edges.

Be kind to their muzzles. The netting is made from knotless nylon, proven to be reliable yet gentle.


Enjoy smooth, one-handed operation with the patent-pending slide arm.

Help them find every last bit. Slow feed netting hangs freely inside the feeder so it can conform right to the bottom.


Allow as many as four horses to comfortably eat together around an OptiMizer.

Ensure good drainage on any terrain with 12 holes in the bottom of the manger.

Prevent good hay from going to waste. With an OptiMizer, the tiniest bits aren’t lost to the ground but remain within the OptiMizer for your horses to clean up as they feed.


How much does the OptiMizer cost?

$995 CAD or $895 USD plus shipping fees (if applicable)

What are the measurements?
  • Length and Width: 4′ by 4′
  • Height: 34″ (the legs are easily removed so the height can adjusted as low as 22″ or as high as 37″ with a lift kit)
  • Weight: Approximately 100 pounds when empty
  • Net Size: Large enough to drape into the manger as all the hay is consumed. Net openings are 2″ as measured on the square. Replacement netting is available in both 2″ and 1.5″.
Where do you ship to?
The short answer—wherever you need us to. We’ve shipped across Canada and can ship into the U.S. and internationally.
Where do you ship from?

All OptiMizers are manufactured in Ontario, Canada and shipped from either Canada or New York, USA.

How much does shipping cost?
Costs will vary depending on factors like the number of OptiMizers you’re ordering and where we’re shipping them to. 
If I don't want my OptiMizer shipped to me, can I pick it up?

Pick up can be made available in Newmarket or Guelph, Ontario, Canada typically at no additional charge.

Is the OptiMizer available in any other colours?
The OptiMizer can be made available in a range of custom colours! Please contact us to review options (note that additional charges and delivery time may apply).

So nice, we bought it twice! The Optimizer slow feeder.  With the money that we saved on our first purchase, we purchased a second feeder a year later, we monitored the wasted hay from ground feeding, hay huts and the Optimizer. Hands down the Optimizer saved us money compared to the other two hay feed methods.

Very little wasted hay on the ground, to be slept, peed, and pooped on! Or pushed into the mud. I would highly recommend this feeder, especially with the new and improved slow feed net. This feeder keeps horses busy slow feeding, all maintain healthy weight and condition on the slow feeder and the feeder is easy to move if needed.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable hay feeding solution, that will save you money, The Optimizer is the one for you.

– Tracey G, Serenity Stables

My horse is a 17 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred who lives outside all year. She's a hard keeper, but by getting her the right amount of hay, whenever she wanted it, it was the first winter she didn't need an extra blanket or grain.

– Laura T.

We use 3 OptiMizers for our herd of 8 horses. We fill them about once a day, even on the worst days, and have found ourselves going through a lot less hay. I'm confident our OptiMizers will pay for themselves in the amount of money we've saved in otherwise ruined hay.

– Heather M.

I've always had slow feed bags. I needed five or six a day to feed three horses. Last winter with the OptiMizer I could slow feed two bales in one place. This saved me a ton of time not having to refill bags everyday, plus I noticed it was way cleaner in the spring.

– Amanda M.