Replacement Net Kit

1.5″ Replacement

This is the heavy duty net provided standard with each OptiMizer since September 2020. Each kit includes the net, a loading tool, extra fasteners, and usage instructions. See the video on this website for tips on how to change the net.



How much does the 1.5" replacement netting cost?

$99CAD plus shipping fees (if applicable)

Who supplies the netting?

Our netting is made in North America and is time-tested as a durable hay net for horses.

What sizes are replacement nets available in?

Netting is available in 2″ and 1.5″ sizes.

Where do you ship to?
The short answer—wherever you need us to. We’ve shipped across Canada and can ship into the U.S. and internationally.
Where do you ship from?
Replacement nets are shipped from Canada.
How much does shipping cost?
Costs will vary depending on factors like the number of OptiMizers you’re ordering and where we’re shipping them to. 
If I don't want my replacement netting shipped to me, can I pick it up?
Pick up can be made available in Newmarket or Guelph, Ontario, typically at no additional charge.

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My horse is a 17 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred who lives outside all year. She's a hard keeper, but by getting her the right amount of hay, whenever she wanted it, it was the first winter she didn't need an extra blanket or grain.

- Laura T.

We use 3 OptiMizers for our herd of 8 horses. We fill them about once a day, even on the worst days, and have found ourselves going through a lot less hay. I'm confident our OptiMizers will pay for themselves in the amount of money we've saved in otherwise ruined hay.

- Heather M.

I've always had slow feed bags. I needed five or six a day to feed three horses. Last winter with the OptiMizer I could slow feed two bales in one place. This saved me a ton of time not having to refill bags everyday, plus I noticed it was way cleaner in the spring.

- Amanda M.

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