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OptiMizer Hay Feeder for Horses:
Slow feed. Keep hay clean. Reduce waste. Save time.

Come see us at “All for the Horses Expo” at WEC in booth 64, expo building 1, March 3-5.

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OptiMizers are available in Ocala at:

Thoroughbred eating out of an In-Stall OptiMizer

Don’t Miss the New OptiMizer InStall

Available in March 2023

Finally, a safe, durable slow feeder that can be loaded with a day’s worth of hay in seconds. It’s based on our proven paddock OptiMizer design and tested for over 10,000 hours under horses across North America.

5-star reviews from 18 stables that participated in testing, including:

“The OptiMizer is quick and easy to fill after mucking the stall. And I know my horse is getting the right amount of hay to eat, all night long because there is hay leftover in the morning and NONE has been wasted.”

Optimize Feeding Your Herd

The original paddock OptiMizer has been trusted to feed thousands of horses across North America since 2019.

It’s big enough to hold two small square bales of hay, safely slow feeding up to four horses for the day.

An open hay OptiMizer with the slide arm visible


The OptiMizer is delivered fully assembled. Hand holds on the front and back make it easy to move around the paddock by hand. 

Smooth, one handed operation of the slide arm quickly opens and closes the feeder. 


All corners are rounded with 1″ diameters, making a smooth and safe surface if rubbed against.

Slow feed netting hangs inside the feeder and conforms over the hay from the top to the bottom of the feeder.


The tiniest bits are the tastiest. With an OptiMizer, these delicate leaves aren’t lost to the ground but remain within the manger.

Ensure drainage on any terrain with 13 holes distributed around the base of the OptiMizer.

 So pleased with the hay optimizer that after buying our first one, we decided to buy two more. I love the fact that the horses are so content. They no longer pace the fence waiting for their hay. I feel calmer too as I don’t have to race home from work to get their evening hay out. I also love the convenience of being able to put two bales of hay in at a time. The horses slowly eat their hay through the soft netting and there is no waste! Thank you for designing such a great product.
Carol & Barry
Two horses, one chestnut and one palomino, eating out of an OptiMizer
For your horses, it’s about:
  • Encouraging slow, relaxed eating—curbing overeating for easy keepers while making sure hard keepers have consistent access to hay.
  • Mimicking natural grazing by letting them select, nibble, and chew their hay as if they were eating grass in their pasture.
  • Creating a safe herd environment with 2-4 horses eating together around a single OptiMizer.
And for you, it’s about:
  • Saving time by feeding more than one bale at a time and filling your feeder in under a minute.
  • Reducing waste so you spend less money on unneeded excess and less time cleaning up uneaten, soiled hay.
  • Optimizing feeding with durable slow-feed netting to help control consumption.
Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It saves us so much time and frustration from not having to deal with filling and refilling hay bags! What a mess that was. There is no waste even down to the little tasty bits they love so much. I can fit an OptiMizer easily in the back of my UTV or drag it across a short distance to where I want. 4 horses easily ate from it but it is also great for my individual paddocks. It is durable enough to deal with endlessly hungry drafts. It was extremely useful in the winter and even more so in the wet season.
What are the measurements?

The original paddock OptiMizer is freestanding, measures 4’ by 4’, and weighs about 100 pounds when empty. It is available in 3 heights: standard 34”, Mini 27”, and MicroMini 22”.

The OptiMizer InStall is designed to be firmly mounted in a corner of a stall, shelter or fence. It is 29” X 29” X 22”. It can be mounted at whatever height is deemed suitable and weighs about 25 pounds when empty.

What net sizes are available?

The OptiNet is available in 3 mesh sizes to meet the anatomical, dietary, and/or behavioral requirements of individual horses. We measure the sizes from the inside opening of the square. The standard, which has been satisfactory for over 90% of feeders is 1.6”. The small is 1.25”, and the large is 2.5”.

What is it made out of?

The manger is made of the same polymer used to make playground equipment (LLDPE), and all the corners are rounded or bevelled for safety. The metal components are made from stainless steel, providing years of clean, rust-free
service. The netting has been developed specifically for equine use and has been proven durable in the OptiMizer. It’s soft and knotless design is gentle on horses’ mouths and teeth.

Horse eating out an InStall OptiMizer in its stall
One horse eating out of an original paddock OptiMizer while another one nibbles at grass
Three horses eating together out of an InStall OptiMizer
Horse eating out of an InStall OptiMizer in its stall

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