Hay Feeder for Horses


Slow Feeding. Quick Filling.

Always have hay available for your horses, naturally.

Optimize Feeding

Mimic grazinghorses eat slowly with their heads down in a natural position.

Regulate consumption with slow-feed netting.

Create a safe herd environment for feeding with 2-4 horses eating together at a single OptiMizer.

Save Time

Load two bales of hay in less than a minute.

Feed more hay at a time.

Take advantage of the benefits of slow-feed hay bags without the loading time.

Stop Wasting Hay

Prevent hay from falling to the ground. Research shows that up to 50% of hay fed directly on the ground is wasted.

Reduce overeating.

Spend less time cleaning up uneaten, soiled hay.

Get peace of mind knowing that your horses always have hay.

Horses quickly learn to eat from the OptiMizer. It mimics natural grazing. The horses eat slowly. They have their heads down in a natural position. They select, nibble, and chew their hayjust like they would be eating together in the pasture. They’re so content when they’re eating together.

Sue Wilson

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My horse is a 17 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred who lives outside all year. She's a hard keeper, but by getting her the right amount of hay, whenever she wanted it, it was the first winter she didn't need an extra blanket or grain.

- Laura T.

We use 3 OptiMizers for our herd of 8 horses. We fill them about once a day, even on the worst days, and have found ourselves going through a lot less hay. I'm confident our OptiMizers will pay for themselves in the amount of money we've saved in otherwise ruined hay.

- Heather M.

I've always had slow feed bags. I needed five or six a day to feed three horses. Last winter with the OptiMizer I could slow feed two bales in one place. This saved me a ton of time not having to refill bags everyday, plus I noticed it was way cleaner in the spring.

- Amanda M.